Garbage bags avoiding injury

garbage bags with safety grips

About 57% of about 3200 self-governing bodies designate garbage bags and more than 2000 kinds of garbage bags that about 400 self-governing bodies designate are made by Nippon Film.
The reason why Nippon Film acquired such a high share of this market is because of the "safety grips" feature of the bags.
Also garbage bags with safety grips have several special features,
besides the grip….
Garbage bags avoiding hurting

Development of products based on housewive's opinions

drainer nets

About 80% of Japanese displacement is from housework. "Could we stop polluting rivers and the sea from our kitchens?"
The idea was a start to develop products.
We asked housewive advices to commercialize. "smooth feeling", "soft", "pretty color" and so on ….
based on housewive's opinions--drainer nets