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"Industrial Accident Prevention Type Garbage Bag" from opinion of refuse collectors

The "Industrial Accident Preventive Type Garbage Bag" was developed based on the opinions of refuse collectors

  1. Nippon Film took refuse collectors' safety into consideration and put grips on the upper and lower parts of the garbage bag for collecting refuse. (Industrial Accident Preventive Type Garbage Bag)

  2. Product type is rolled (tear along perforation)
    We adopted a paper label, which is only partially adhered for simple packing.

  3. We made a tactile identifying line (embossed design) so that the visually disabled can identify the kind of garbage bag by touch.(barrier-free)

  4. We printed a different warranty number on every garbage bag
    (for traceability and as an anti-counterfeit measure).

garbage bags’ safety grip feature people-friendly garbage bags safe and reliable

people-friendly garbage bags.


people-friendly garbage bags

Users can easily tie the bag at the top and lift it with upper grips.
Lower grips can help in collecting upside-down bags.
In this way they are effective at increasing efficiency and ensuring collectors’
safety while working.

safety and relief

The bags are combustible, and they do not emit toxic gases.


It is combustible. It does not emit toxic gas.

As the bags are made from polyethylene, they do not emit toxic gases such as chlorine when combusted.


They can reduce carbon dioxide emissions (because of their simple paper label packing.)


It can reduce carbon dioxide.(simply packing by paper label)

Many countries have contributed to the reduction of carbon dioxide since
the Kyoto Protocol came into force.
Because paper labels are of botanical origin, they do not increase or decrease carbon dioxide when combusted. (They are carbon neutral.)
Also, because the paper label is a simple packing and is only partially-stuck,
it complies with the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.
In addition, the label is produced with recycled paper and is itself further recyclable.


the label reduced waste

We cut the unwanted parts of the label and this is the label reduced waste.

By cutting the parts of the label as illustrated , we can reduce waste about 20% of the conventional label.
Also we bring the cut parts to the paper company and it recycles them.
(We can print a corporate advertising on the label.)
the label reduced waste


Nippon Film carries out thorough anticounterfeit and quality control.


Nippon Film carries out thorough anticounterfeit and quality control.

NF traceability system
Nippon Film prints different record numbers on every bag.
Furthermore we record the process of production and save the details. (24hrs/5years)


※Because we can check the following details,
  in the unlikely event of trouble or defective products,
  we can immediately take action.

@the date of manufacture
Athe time of manufacture
Bthe number of the manufacturing machine
Cthe name of the person in charge of the manufacturing process
Dthe production volume of each person in charge of the manufacturing process

NF traceability system

Designated Paid Garbage Bag is the same as money.

Risk Management of designated garbage bags

Nippon Film has a unique manufacturing technique and prints different traceable record numbers on every bag like paper money in order to prevent forgery.

Also in the unlikely event of a defective product we can figure out the possibility of a recurrence and recover those products through the traceable record numbers.

We need to recognize that designated garbage bags serve not only as bags,
but they are also equivalent to a currency which recycles waste and bears the cost of solid waste disposal.
They are local currency, so to speak.

tactile identifying line (braille print)


tactile identifying line (braille print)

We made tactile identifying lines (braille print) so that the visually disabled can identify the kind of garbage bag by touch. (barrier-free)


Good Design Award


Good Design Award

The economic functionality and user-friendly design was recognized.