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Our company acquired Certification of Eco-Action 21.

Our company acquired Certification of Eco-Action 21

The Eco-Action 21 Certification and Registration Program for all institutions, schools, and public facilities is conducted by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Center for Sustainability under Eco-Action 21 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment, Trade and Industry.
Eco-Action 21 guidelines provide methods for setting up, operating and maintaining the systems that carry out environmental initiatives effectively and efficiently setting environmental targets, carrying out initiatives, evaluating the results and reporting them.

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Our company acquired Certification of Eco-Action 21

Our company has contributed to the reduction of
carbon dioxide emission,
waste reduction,
water usage reduction,
and the prevention of the depletion of natural resources
through daily corporate activities such as developing, producing and selling environmentally-friendly plastic goods.

We decided to try to attain the Eco Action 21 certificate in order to create more effective and sustainable environmental activities and managed.

Nippon Film will continue to make even greater efforts to carry out environmental initiatives, be socially responsible for the environment and provide better environmentally friendly products.

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