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Good Design Award  Rabbit Pack

Rabbit pack was selected 2005 Award of the Good Design Prize as following details of judgment.

Derived from the Good Design Product Selection Program instituted in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Good Design Awards ("G" Mark program) constitute a uniquely comprehensive program of evaluating and advocating design.

Selected designs must not only be attractive but must also meet basic requirements regarding function, quality and safety. In addition to being of high quality they must also include lifestyle proposals. The designs are initially selected regarding three standard questions: "Is the design good?" "Is the design outstanding?" "Does the design contribute to a brighter future?" They are then further judged on 40 detailed criteria.

Rabbit pack was selected 2005 Award of the Good Design Prize under following details of judgment.
 Good Design Award
Year awarded:2005
Award Number:05A02015
Category :Product Design / Everyday Goods,Gardening products
 Prduct:garbage bags on roll
Brand Name : Rabbit Pack
Company: Nippon Film Co., LTD.(Oita prefecture)
 Jury’s comments
The products meet the needs of housework and the company clearly understands housework requirements.
Such consideration of the actual situation has led them to develop this package.
In spite of intense competition in the distribution industry, it is necessary for companies to be able to understand the users' points of view when they develop packages.
Nippon Film adopted this design because it knows the package is a convenient design for users.
The company gave precedence to convenience in developing this package for users. It now needs to develop a more attractive package design.
 Evaluation point(■:evaluation item)
1.Is it a good design?
  (The basic elements required of a Good Design product, architecture or environment)
 ■ It meets the needs of consurmers.
 ■ It's sincere.  
 ■ It's user-friendly.  

2.Is it a superior design ?
  (Considerations that make the superior aspects of the product, architecture or environment)
 ■ The design concept is superior.
 ■ It shows a high level of solving the problems facing the user. 

3.Is it a design that breaks new ground for the future?
 (Considerations for evaluating whether the design actively engages issues having to do with the future life, industry and society)
 ■ The design will lead to a global standard for the next generation.